How Much Does the Average Person Pay for Car Insurance?

Car insurance costs vary greatly depending on the driver's risk level and the likelihood of filing claims. To identify average car insurance rates nationwide, WalletHub used the following features: driver profile, National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) assumptions, at-fault accidents, traffic violations, coverage chosen, and location. Young drivers are more likely to take risks, making them more expensive to insure. Full-coverage car insurance is more expensive than the minimum statutory auto insurance coverage because it includes collision and comprehensive insurance.

When shopping for car insurance online, compare the same amount of coverage and features for an easy comparison between companies. Auto insurance companies also consider factors such as driving history, vehicle insurance scores, and car insurance scores when calculating rates. On average, car insurance tends to be higher for new and young drivers, and then declines steadily in each consecutive age group. Louisiana and New York are also expensive states for car insurance, but none of them come close to the rates you'll pay in Michigan.

Car insurance costs from state to state also vary depending on population density, crime rates, and the number of uninsured drivers.

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