Comparing Geico and Progressive Car Insurance: Which is Cheaper?

Millions of drivers choose Geico or Progressive for car insurance. They are two of the largest auto insurance companies in the U. S. However, Progressive and Geico take different approaches to offering car insurance, so which one you should choose depends on what's most important to you.

Geico often exceeds Progressive rates, but not for all drivers or in all states. To find out which one is best for you, take a look at how the two companies compare. Geico also ranked second when we asked consumers how they rated their car insurance provider. Both Geico and Progressive offer cheap car insurance to drivers across the country.

Geico rates tend to be lower overall, but Progressive tends to offer better prices to those who have recently had a DUI, at-fault accident, or speeding ticket on their driving record. Easily compare personalized rates to see how much switching to car insurance could save you. If price is your main concern, Geico probably has the upper hand, but it depends on where you live. These are averages and your own rates will be different.

For example, in New York and Montana, Progressive was cheaper than Geico, on average, in terms of full coverage, unless the driver had bad credit. Geico was generally cheaper than Progressive for drivers with bad credit in every state except Maryland. Since rates vary a lot depending on your circumstances, it's important to get car insurance quotes from both companies to find out if Progressive or Geico are the cheapest for you. Both have long but different lists of coverage options to customize policies.

Geico, on the other hand, offers mechanical fault coverage, which is not available in Progressive. Yes, in all states except California and North Carolina Insurance for other vehicles (motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boats) Yes, read our review of Geico homeowners insurance Yes, read our Geico renters insurance review Yes (through the National Flood Insurance Program) Yes (through the National Flood Insurance Program) Yes (through partners in some cases). Geico and Progressive offer all the standard coverages that drivers look for in an auto insurance policy, such as liability and collision insurance and comprehensive coverage. While Geico and Progressive offer similar savings opportunities, there are some differences in the discounts available.

Geico and Progressive each earned 4.5 stars in NerdWallet's ratings of the best auto insurance companies based on consumer complaints against the insurer, data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and customers' experiences with buying insurance and after an insurance claim according to J. D Power Gap insurance, which covers what you owe for a vehicle minus your deductible if your car is destroyed or stolen and your regular coverage isn't enough to pay the loan; personalized insurance for parts and equipment which repairs or replaces items you add to your car such as a stereo; DriveEasy app for Geico's usage-based program which uses technology to track your driving behavior and reduce or increase your fare; Vehicle Care which alerts you when your car needs maintenance; Voice support via Google Home Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa; Find a ride which allows you to use the Geico mobile app to connect with a Lyft driver; Name your price which helps you find a policy that fits your budget; The Snapshot mobile application for the insurance program based on the use of Progressive; The app can provide you with details about your trips and your driving behavior; Virtual assistance through Google Home or through Progressive's Flo Chatbot a Facebook Messenger application; Instantly compare top auto insurance companies; Property and accident insurance services offered through NerdWallet Insurance Services Inc.; OK9203 Property & Accident Licenses.

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