What is the Most Expensive Age Group for Car Insurance?

Young drivers often find themselves paying more for car insurance due to their lack of experience and higher likelihood of accidents. However, the cost of car insurance also depends on the safety ratings, theft likelihood, and average repair costs of the model of car. Good grades and defensive driving courses can help drivers save up to 10% on their car insurance premiums. The cost of car insurance varies from state to state, but national averages can give an idea of what to expect.

In Hawaii, California, and Massachusetts, age cannot be used to determine premiums. As drivers remain accident-free, car insurance becomes more affordable. Male drivers may face higher rates due to more accidents involving male drivers. According to a ValuePenguin analysis, younger and older drivers pay significantly more than middle-aged drivers.

Those three companies have average rates that are 47% cheaper than the general average for drivers of that age. Even if you don't qualify for a lower rate right away, there are steps you can take to pay less for car insurance in the future. Car insurance is reduced to age 25 because drivers of that age are considered more mature and experienced than younger drivers. For more information on average car insurance rates by age and state, see the full tables below.

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